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I am a future librarian and have been a life long reader. I wanted to set up a blog to share things about life and about libraries/reading experiences and how these worlds collide. I hope you enjoy reading about each moment!

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In Heaven Listen to Trying to Get to Heaven

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Trying to Get to Heaven: Opinions of a Tennessee Talker - Dixie Carter

This was my first book to listen on audible.com and I was really happy with this selection. Although the audio book is abridged and only about an hour and a half long it is a quality hour and a half listening to Dixie reading from her book. The neat thing is when Dixie reads from her book it doesn't sound like some of those drab book readers you hear that sounds like your reading from a text book. No, her reading sounds more like she is talking to a friend which is you the listener. She is telling you things from her life and things she has learned throughout her life mixed with a bit of southern charm and humor/wit.


 I really appreciate everything she has to say and I am rereading it again for the second time right now. I have the book but don't know where it is. I hope to read the complete entire book sometime. Definitely an entertaining listen and I would recommend it to anyone but most especially to those who were Julia Sugarbaker or Dixie Carter fans. This book will give you insight into this incredible actress and woman!