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James Dean-little boy lost-An Intimate Biography - Joe Hyams

  This book was very well written. I was very pleased with it because I have read other books about Jimmy but they always felt very one sided. For instance, one book I read leaned very heavily on his gay relationships almost pushing the point that Dean was more gay then bisexual. However, Mr. Hyams does a good job of explaining Jimmy's relationships and he says that "Yes Jimmy did have relationships with men but their were relationships with women too. A couple and one in particular that might could have won him over for marriage if the women had been willing." Another thing I really liked about Mr. Hyams book is that he is very unbiased and being a Journalist he is able to take all the interviews, recordings and testimonials of Jimmy's friends, family and co-workers and make a very clear and understandable portrait of who James Dean was.



  He was a different type of person than I thought he was but it doesn't make me like him any less than before I read this book. I felt like it was more that I understood where Jimmy was coming from with all the experiences he had been through and all the people he met. I was just more saddened because it seems like he was a man who wanted people to know him but didn't want to let anyone get close to him because they might either reject him or hurt him (He feared.) I do feel, after reading Mr. Hyams book, that James Dean really was a little boy lost in a world that didn't know how to approach such a young man as him or how to respond to him. Every time someone tried to get close he would pull away or if he did let the close he would eventually do something to hurt them just to give them a warning of "Don't get to close to me, you might not like what you see."


  The other thing that bothered me, however, was the way Hollywood used the darker parts of Jimmy and used them to their advantage and the just left him be. It seems like every time this extortion went on it would just leave Jimmy in a bad place.

I still love James Dean even in spite of all the madness, the hurt and pain surrounding him. I wish he could have found the salve for his wounds and broken heartedness. I am sad that he died the way he did and that his life was as chaotic as it was. I wish he could have had a better life. One that was fulfilling, happy and peaceful. Mr. Hyams is gone but I am so grateful that he wrote this biography about Jimmy Dean, his friend and an actor. This would definitely be my recommendation to anyone who is a Dean fan who wants a non-biased whole life biography of James Dean. Please chose James Dean: Little Boy Lost - An Intimate Biography!